The program ttylog is a serial port logger which can be used to print everything to stdout that comes from a serial device. The device and the baud rate can be specified on the command line. It was originally written and packaged for Debian by Tibor Koleszar and is now maintained by Robert James Clay.

Version v0.26 was released in June of 2015.  (More News.)

v0.26 changes
* ttylog.c: Correct truncating of modem_device string, implementing ttylog Patch #3 (thanks to Daniel Flinkmann). Closes Debian Bug #731086.
* ttylog.c: Rewrite the "-h|--help" option code, including the expansion of the "Usage:" line.
* ttylog.c: Rewrite the '-v|--version' option code, including the addition of the License and Copyright information
* ttylog.8: Rewrite the '-f --flush' option description in ttylog.8.
  • ttylog in the Debian distribution.
  • ttylog in the Ubuntu distribution.
  • ttylog in the Linux Mint distribution.