The program ttylog was originally written and packaged for Debian by Tibor Koleszar in 1999 and is now maintained by Robert James Clay, who adopted the Debian package in July of 2008 with Debian package version v0.1.c-1.

When the ttylog project was originally moved to Sourceforge, a subversion repository was used as the code repository for it. That was migrated to a GIT Repository in 2009 and the SVN repository was deprecated.

Repository Branches
master This branch holds the current code for ttylog.
develop This branch is used for the development of ttylog itself.
debian This branch is used for development of the Debian packaging, after the release versions from the master branch have been merged.
pristine-tar Contains the information neccessary to create original archive files directly from the repository.
upstream This is the branch where the original 0.1.a, 0.1.b, and 0.1.c versions of ttylog were imported.

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