The program ttylog was originally released for Debian by Tibor Koleszar in 1999 and is now maintained by Robert James Clay, who adopted the Debian package in July of 2008 with Debian package version v0.1.c-1 and who has also been maintaining the program itself since then.

Version Date Remarks
v0.26 2015-6-03 Correct truncating of modem_device string,
v0.25 2013-2-14 Corrections to the code adding a NULL to modem_device variable
v0.24 2013-2-14 Ensure that the modem_device variable is NULL terminated before being used.
v0.23 2013-2-14 Correct how CMAKE_C_FLAGS is getting set in CMakeLists.txt.
v0.22 2013-2-13 Change the ttylog build system to use CMake.
v0.21 2013-1-29 Updates to variables usage in Makefile.
v0.20.0 2013-1-29 Set this version as v0.20.0, derived by mapping the old versions to new minor versions starting from 0.1.0 and counting bug fixes as separate minor versions. (Reference ttylog bug # 5)
v0.1.f 2013-1-25 Fixed device name length issue. (ttylog bug # 3)(Debian bug # 553945)
v0.1.e 2012 Add missing '-f' option information to ttylog man page.
v0.1.d 2011 Debian version 0.1.d-1, 0.1.d-2
v0.1.c 2008 Debian package adopted by Robert James Clay
v0.1.b 2002,2006 Debian versions 0.1.b-1, 0.1.b-2, 0.1.b-3, 0.1.b-4
v0.1.a 1999-2001 Debian versions 0.1.a-1, 0.1.a-2, 0.1.a-3