Version v0.26 was released on 3 June 2015. 

- ttylog.c: Correct truncating of modem_device string, implementing ttylog patch #3 (thanks to Daniel Flinkmann). Closes Debian Bug #731086..
- ttylog.c: Rewrite the "-h|--help" option code, including the expansion of the "Usage:" line.
- ttylog.c: Rewrite the '-v|--version' option code, including the addition of the License and Copyright information.
- ChangeLog: Correct bad date entry for v0.1.b-3.
v0.26 Availability
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  • v0.26-1 Changelog
    * New upstream release, including: Correct truncating of 'modem_device' string. (Closes: #731086).
    * Reformat the long descriptions in debian/control
    * Set Debhelper Compatibility and Build-Depends to version 9.
    * Update copyright years for Robert James Clay in debian/copyright.
    * Set Standards Version in debian/control to 3.9.6, no changes required.
    v0.26-1 Availability
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  • Available in Debian Testing (Stretch).
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