Version v0.1.c was the first version released by Robert James Clay, who adopted the Debian package in July of 2008 with Debian package version v0.1.c-1; that version was released with Debian v5.0 (Lenny) and Ubuntu v8.10.

v0.1.c-1 Changelog
- Added support for 4800 baud (Closes: #203356)
- Remove unneeded printf for flushed option. (Closes: #267872)
- Change ICRNL to IGNCR for connection setup. (Closes: #280629)
- Remove del1013() and other unused code (Closes: #271098)
- Fix nostrip build issue. (Closes: #438226)
- New Maintainer (Closes: #358515)
- Set debhelper compatibility level to 5
- Set Standards Version to 3.8.0
- Reword description and add Homepage to debian/control.
- Add debian/watch file.
    0.1.c-1 Availibility
  • Download source for version v0.1.c-1
  • Available in Debian v5 (Lenny) and Debian v6.0 (Squeeze).
  • Available in Ubuntu v8.10, v9.04, v9.10, v10.04 (Lucid), v10.10 (Maverick), and v11.04 (Natty).
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