Version v0.1.b was first released in January of 2002 by the original authur, Tibor Koleszar, as ttylog v0.1.b-1 and v0.1.b-2. Another release of it was done by him: v0.1.b-3 in November of 2002. Andrew Pollock of the Debian QA group then released v0.1.b-4 in April of 2006.

  • Has been available in Debian v4 (etch).
  • Has been available in Ubuntu v8.04 (hardy).
  • Was available in Ubuntu v7.10 (gutsy).
  • Was available in Ubuntu v7.04 (fiesty).
  • Browse v0.1.b-4 in the GIT repository.
  • * QA Group upload orphaning this package
  • * Rebuild to complete /usr/doc transition (closes: #359592)
  • * debian/rules: bumped debhelper compatibility level to 4
  • * debian/copyright: updated address of the FSF
  • * debian/copyright: included location of the full text of the GPL
  • Was available in Debian v3.1 (sarge).
  • Was available in Ubuntu v6.06 (dapper)
  • Browse v0.1.b-3 in the GIT repository.
  • Using optional output flush - Closes: bug#164778 (v0.1.b-3)
  • * New Standards-Version (3.5.2) - Closes: bug#127495 (v0.1.b-2)
  • * Removed binary files from upstream - Closes: bug#127496 (v0.1.b-2)
  • * Added COPYRIGHT and LICENCE files - Closes: bug#127499 (v0.1.b-2)
  • * Using debhelper instead of debmake - Closes: bug#119600 (v0.1.b-2)
  • * Its not a debian native package - Closes: bug#127498 (v0.1.b-2)