Version v0.1.d was released in February of 2011. 

- Corrected a misspelling of the word 'version' in ttylog.c.
- Changed to using for my email address.
- Corrected the FSF mailing address in the COPYRIGHT file.
- Explicitly noted copyright information at beginning of ttylog.c.
- Derived ttylog ChangeLog from the debian/changelog, which is where all changes were being noted previously.
v0.1.d Availability
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  • v0.1.d-1 Changelog
    - New upstream release.
    - Set debhelper Build-Depends to version 7.
    - Explicitly set Debian package format as 1.0.
    - Changed debian/watch to point to Sourceforge.
    - Change Maintainer email address to
    - Set Standards Version to 3.9.1; no changes necessary.
    - Detailed the Debian packaging copyright in debian/copyright.
    - Change homepage in debian/control to Sourceforge project site.
    - Add Vcs-Git & Vcs-Browser to debian/control. (Closes: #566938)
    - Changed to using dh_prep in the install target of debian/rules.
    v0.1.d-1 Availability
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  • Available in Debian v7 (Wheezy).
  • Available in Ubuntu v11.10 (Ocelot) and v12.04 (precise).